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Recent writing

I don’t really update this blog too regularly. If you want to read more of my recent writing, here are some links. I write occasional articles for New Frame, the organisation I work for: There are a few recent pieces up on Medium: If academic writing is your thing, I have some stuff… Read More »

Anarchism Ecology Psychedelics Veganism & animal rights

Some tips on green living

* A pamphlet I published several years to poke fun at all the insipid ‘how to live green’ type articles that are so popular in mainstream magazines and to point towards what a viable response to the ecocidal dominatorculture. 1a) Smash capitalism, the state and all other forms of hierarchy and domination opposed to the… Read More »

Anarchism Ecology Philosophy Veganism & animal rights

Rites of the nomads: from animal rights to nomadic ethics

I recently presented at Earth Animal Communities – a conference organised by the Institute for Critical Animal Studies in Africa, of which I am a member. Here is the abstract of the paper I based the presentation on. The full paper is downloadable here. Abstract In recent years ethical philosophy has taken up a sustained… Read More »

Anarchism Ecology Responses and critiques

Beyond Bolivaria – a critical look at the fetishization of Chávez and ’21st century socialism’

His enemies say he was a king without a crown, and that he confused unity with unanimity. And in that, his enemies are right. It has been several months since the death of Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, predestined leader of Latin American anti-imperialist resistance to US hegemony, hero of the people, reincarnation of Simon… Read More »

Anarchism Ecology Philosophy Reviews Veganism & animal rights

Review: Jesús Sepúlveda – The Garden of Peculiarities (2011 Missing Books)

It is rare to discover a book as trenchant, poetic and philosophically profound as The Garden of Peculiarities. Originally published in Spanish in 2002, translated into English in 2005 and now re-released by local alternative publisher Missing Books, this short work by Chilean anarchist and radical environmentalist Jesús Sepúlveda is nothing less than a manifesto… Read More »

Anarchism Ecology Philosophy Veganism & animal rights


  When we look out at the sky at night, we’re also looking back into the past. The light from distant stars takes so long to reach us that we cannot really be sure that, in reality, they’re still there. Although the myriad things that surround us on Earth – rocks and rose bushes and… Read More »

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A Darker Shade of Green

NB: This is an updated version of an old article titled ‘it ain’t easy being green’. Introduction Few people now deny that many of the essential natural systems that sustain all life on Earth are profoundly threatened by human activity. Among countless other horrors, vast expanses of richly biodiverse rainforest have been decimated to make… Read More »

Ecology Responses and critiques

Ivo Vegter vs. the Karoo

Ivo Vegter was rousing. In a recent article on The Daily Maverick website the well-known local free market ideologue and climate change denialist dutifully performed his well-rehearsed cherry-picking dance of apologist rhetoric in an unsuccessful attempt to ward off the growing grassroots opposition to Shell’s application to prospect for natural gas in the Karoo using… Read More »

Ecology Responses and critiques Veganism & animal rights

No, meat can’t be green – a response to Andreas Spath

Andreas Spath has written an article on News24 arguing that veganism is not a nutritionally sound diet, and that meat can be ‘green’. And here’s my rebuttal, in point form. I have tagged Andreas in this note [i.e., on Facebook] in the hopes that he will engage the points I raise in more detail. 1:… Read More »

Ecology Philosophy Responses and critiques Veganism & animal rights

Life and death: a response to Lierre Keith’s animism

This is a response to Lierre Keith’s argument in The Vegetarian Myth, a poorly researched, fallacious and dishonestly argued anti-vegan screed. It was originally written for, a never-completed crowdsourced response to Keith’s book.   Inconsistent animist ethics Keith defends her position with a confused animist-type ethics that veers unclearly and inconsistently between hylozoism (everything… Read More »