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Recent writing

I don’t really update this blog too regularly. If you want to read more of my recent writing, here are some links. I write occasional articles for New Frame, the organisation I work for: There are a few recent pieces up on Medium: If academic writing is your thing, I have some stuff… Read More »

Anarchism Ecology Psychedelics Veganism & animal rights

Some tips on green living

* A pamphlet I published several years to poke fun at all the insipid ‘how to live green’ type articles that are so popular in mainstream magazines and to point towards what a viable response to the ecocidal dominatorculture. 1a) Smash capitalism, the state and all other forms of hierarchy and domination opposed to the… Read More »


Divine moments of truth

An article about DMT, written in around 2003, I think.   I remember the first time I smoked DMT. We’d been trying the whole afternoon, stuffing small mothballs of brown waxy NN-DMT into a makeshift pipe made of coiled wire and a broken vase. Even at R200 a hit, which would only last 10-20 minutes,… Read More »