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Recent writing

I don’t really update this blog too regularly. If you want to read more of my recent writing, here are some links.

I write occasional articles for New Frame, the organisation I work for:

There are a few recent pieces up on Medium:

If academic writing is your thing, I have some stuff up on Academia:

I co-wrote a chapter on the SA student protests with a friend of mine for AK Press’s excellent book Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up:

My partner and I edited Deleuze and Anarchism for Edinburgh University Press’s popular Deleuze Connections series. We both have chapters in it:

There’s a chapter of mine in Anarchism and Animal Liberation (I wish I’d offered to design the book cover…):

I co-edited the book Anarchy 101, which was published by the bolo’bolo collective, a Cape Town anarchist group that’s now kind of dormant. It’s a good introduction to the subject and available for free online: